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Is your site accessible via screen readers?

Check to make sure your website is navigable from screen readers.

If you are using Twitter Bootstrap, look into the Bootstrap accessibility plugin.

If you are using Foundation, look into how Foundation is built around accessibility.

Do your Positive, Negative, and Neutral Buttons look different?


Image from UX Movement.

Have your Positive Action buttons and your Neutral and Negative Action buttons look distinctly different. Notice that in the above example, not only are the colors different, but one is bordered and ther other is filled in, making it accessible to those with color-blindness.

, , and tags

  • <i> - “alternate voice”; transliterated foreign words, technical terms, and typographically italicized text.
  • <em> - “stress emphasis”; something you’d pronounce differently.
  • <b> - “stylistically offset”; keywords and typographically emboldened text.
  • <strong> - “strong importance”;

See this HTML5 Doctor post for more information.


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